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25 feb 2024

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The Registered Certified Number is TNENG/2015/66342


To recognize and celebrate outstanding achievements, innovation, and excellence across diverse fields, fostering a culture of inspiration, motivation, and collaboration among individuals and organizations.


Empower academics, researchers, scholars, and students to drive innovation in research and technology. Striving for excellence to position our country as a leader in education and institutions.

Our Commitment

Evening Voice Journal is committed to upholding the highest standards of journalistic integrity and editorial excellence. We strive to be a reliable source of information, a platform for informed dialogue, and a catalyst for positive change.

List of Awards

  • Outstanding Faculty Mentor Award
  • Best Young Scientist Award
  • Best Women Scientist Award
  • Best Senior Faculty Award
  • Best Student Award
  • Academic Excellence Award
  • Outstanding Student Achievement Award
  • Student of the Year Award
  • Outstanding Graduate Teaching Award

  • Teaching Excellence Award
  • Outstanding Research Achievement
  • Mentor of the Year Award
  • Researcher of the Year
  • Best College Principal Award
  • Best Research Scholar Award
  • Best Women Faculty Award
  • Best Young Faculty Award
  • Best All-Around Student Award
  • Outstanding PG Faculty Mentoring Award